4 Stylish Outfits to wear from DAY to NIGHT

Meet a new& cool project of mine called ‘4 STYLISH OUTFITS from DAY to NIGHT’. Most of the time, I’m posting outfits that I wear during the day, but this time, you will find looks to inspire you also for your evening/ night outfits, actually it’s a mix between daily wear and night wear, but the video included in the post will make everything clear for you. Click and watch& read everything, plus find out what SURPRISE I prepared for you:

MUST-HAVE item for summer+ GIVEAWAY

Think about the perfect summer day by the pool, by the sea or by the ocean. As a millenial gal, you already checked to have a badass swimsuit, a good tan lotion with SPF to protect the skin and a cool drink in your left hand. The right hand is busy scrolling on Instagram. Talking about Instagram and summer vacation, I just found out the item that can’t miss from your perfect picture! I’m referring to inflatable toys that will make everyone question from where you have it and if they can borrow it, haha. See what I’m talking about here:

About GalaUAD

Gala UAD, the 23rd edition. A notorious fashion event, that happens every year at Cluj-Napoca celebrating young talented students of University of Arts and Design from my city, Cluj-Napoca. I was invited at the event to enjoy their collections, to admire their creations and simply to delect myself with creativity. But more, you can read in this post:

FESTIVAL GUIDE: 5 Stylish Outfits, Make-up& Hairstyling Tips

Festivals are just around the corner! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that jumps around like crazy while listening music playing out loud in the background. Out loud, annoying all the neighbours, haha. Join me and find out 5 Stylish Festivals Outfits that will inspire you to dress like a queen to catch everyone’s attention at your favorite festival. Electric Castle, Neversea, Untold and many others, here we come:


Constanta city and Black Sea are destinations that remind me of my childhood holidays, my parents, my little brother and of my summer getaways while I was in the 10th grade. Now, after almost eight years, I’ve come to revisit the places that honestly I remember … quite vaguely. I liked the city so much that I want to share with you the places that have come into my heart, so I made a top 5 MUST-SEE locations in Constanta plus tips where you can eat well, what to do when you get into the city, so enjoy:

Summer confession

It’s summer that got me thinking about how much I love everything that is surrounding me: the places I go, the coffee I drink, the people I meet and just be gratefull for everything I have in this moment. For me, summer is magical, is more than just a lovely season…

The MINI Adventure

Nothing is better than a sweet trip to the mountains! Imagine yourself driving.. in front, see the blue sky and some delicious fluffy clouds. The road you are walking is like a sheet of paper which carries you on a serpentine path of a road. Your freind make you laugh with their jokes and there’s a summer song playing in the background, while through the open window of the car, the water is heard by a river flowing and the birds are singing without a pause. To the right and to the left of the road where you are going, you see more and more […]

Pofta de…o tzara de usturoi cu PIZZA HUT

I’m always full of surprises and that’s what makes me smile every single time when I’m doing something for the blog/vlog series! So are my projects, trust me! This time, me and my boyfriend, Alex, we’re challenged to do something funny together and create a story around our natal place we’re livin’. It’s a funny video, you must MUST must see it.
🙌🏻 PS: this can make you hungy.

The story behind Glamour Beauty Festival 2017

One of my favorite beauty events so far: Glamour Beauty Festival. I’m so happy that this kind of events exists and also, so gratefull that I was invited to be part of it, this time in a more active way than last year. See how it has, what happened and how everyone is partying in 📍Bucharest! PS: a long story is waiting for you, mwaaaaah!

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