Rule Breaker

“You are born and then you die, but in between you can do anything you want. It’s society that creates rules for us, but you can break out of that.” FORGET THE RULES, IF YOU LIKE IT, WEAR IT. In my case, it’s a story about how I broke my own rules and why I listen so much my intuition. Come and join the conversation, enjoy the gallery- it’s a gorgeous shooting around here, and find out what brands I’m wearing:

My latest beauty obsessions

I’m always looking for new products with whom to do good long-term work. I’m searching for a perfect relationship between me and the products I use, that means I’m pretentious with their formulas and I like to test them until my expectations are confirmed. Today I have prepared a review of the products I’ve tested in the last few weeks that have conquered me. Illuminators, glosses, foundations, skin masks, and hair care products in a new formula. And the cherry on top is wrapped in a charming smell. Keep scrolling:

Disconnecting from the world to Reconnect yourself

Lately I’ve decided to make an experiment: to disconnect from social media to get back to my real life. Online is part of my lifestyle, never goes a day without opening the Instagram or checking the email- I recognize that. I’m always keeping my social media up to day with my recent activities, but sometimes I need a little quiet and peace for myself. Today, I wanna tell you about 5 ways that I do to disconnect from the world and to reconnet to myself:

It’s a NAVY Vibe | KVL by Kenvelo

Hello, babess! Inainte de toate, mi-a fost tare dor de voi! Azi incep cu povestea acestui shooting, primul de altfel din acest an. O sesiune in care stilul marinaresc, acel vibe NAVY predomina, trezindu-ti pofta de vacanta! Iubesc provocarile, iar colaborarea impreuna cu KENVELO Romania este printre primele provocari carora am spus DA anul acesta. Haide sa descoperi despre ce este vorba:

3 Chic Hairstyles on Hat Hair

Winter season is so much fun! Hats are also, that’s a thing! Who ever said that hats are boring, definitely didn’t knew how to wear them. Even it’s a fedora hat or the captain style one, that btw, it’s soo TRENDY right now, or hmmm… even the classic boyish cap, trust me, you can shine throughout the day if you know to style a little your hair for the hat you’re wearing. Watch me styling my hair in 3 different ways with 3 different hats. Tips& tricks included:


Christmas and NYE’s parties are just around the corner. In line to check the latest details to your glam& festive look for the holidays, I’ve came out with a step-by-step tutorial. It’s a full festive makeup with a twist. Feminine, yet sophisticated. Come and descover it now:

Let it be Christmas

Descrierea romantica a lunii decembrie, cand magia este in aer si toate grijile dispar. Fiind ultima luna din an, iubesc sa ma bucur de fiecare moment, de la prima ninsoare, pana la decorarea apartamentului si alegerea servetelelor pentru masa de Craciun, momente care imi rapesc efectiv fiecare miuntel din timp si fac ca in cele din urma sa alerg prin magazine cautand cadoul potrivit pentru cei dragi. Sunt o perfectionista de felul meu si nu ma dau batuta pana nu gasesc acel cadou care ma convinge.

18 Things to do before 2018

As 2018 slowly starts approaching, there are so many things that race through my mind. Did I accomplish all of my 2017 goals? Did I finish my projects? More importantly, how much did I grow this year– emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially. While reflecting, I decided to share 18 things that I plan on doing before 2018 arrives:

RED Crush

The most worn color of season F/W 17, RED has become irreplaceable in the top of my preferences. I started with small steps, a T-shirt, a shirt, a jacket in the meantime, and I enjoyed greatly when I saw on the street more and more women wearing the classic red lipstick. The truth is that, from my perspective, red is a color that when I hear its name, instantly leads me to the word passion. A woman dressed in red suggests she is strong. Full of trust and attitude.

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