My golden rule in everything I do. In time, I’ve learned that doing a project, a shooting, in fact any kind of action without sweating hard and working real for it, will make me feel poor satisfaction.

I live to work intense by testing my creativity, but on the other hand I let myself led by instinct in order to get inspiration for what I do. In this case, it doesn’t feel like… working.

Most of the time, I dream big because it’s the gift that makes me an extraordinary visionary. I’m paying attention to details and ensuring that what I do is

sincere, I guess that this is the art of caring. I don’t play it safe- my secret here is to get out of comfort zone. And I always always believe in myself!

-Mădălina Simona Merca

Create meaning. Bring meaning. Add value. Seek to become a person who adds substance, not just sugar.





≡ a process/concept that follows the evolution of a young girl, who is aiming to be an independent woman, a much desired status in today’s world.

MADALINA– a dreamer, but in the same time serious and determined, who at 24 manages to stylishly face all the challenges life is throwing at her, successfully overcoming even the toughest situations. Her personality is very attracted to nature, so she will forever be in love with everything that is natural and spontaneous. More than that, she loves being a vanguard, forever aware of the latest news, she loves to lead, organize and most of all, to control situations. If she were to describe herself using only one word, she’d choose emancipated.

She might be fierce and determined, yet her femininity is not missing. She manages to highlight it without much help: she does not need to flirt or use typical womanly charms to get what she wants. Madalina has her own opinions, her own researched arguments and knows how to take control of challenging situations in order to reach her goals.

She’s got an innate passion (that she inherited from her mom) when it comes to design and fashion sense, passion which she started manifesting online in her fist year as a student. She created a name, a real story that at the end of 2011 shaped itself in the image of THE INDIE CHASE. The name is simple, yet powerful and it conveys Madalina’s aspiration for the status of an independent woman. With the help of her blog she met a lot of special people and both her personal style and her personality have grown as she learned from her mistakes and gained experience.

She’s always surrounded by people she cares about and we all know she makes a hell of a team with her boyfriend Alex when it comes to photography and filming, team that’s very hard to surpass. The hyperactive part that comes between them is INDIE – their fluffy two years old pomeranian.