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FESTIVAL GUIDE: 5 Stylish Outfits, Make-up& Hairstyling Tips



Constanta city and Black Sea are destinations that remind me of my childhood holidays, my parents, my little brother and of my summer getaways while I was in the 10th grade. Now, after almost eight years, I’ve come to revisit the places that honestly I remember … quite vaguely. I liked the city so much that I want to share with you the places that have come into my heart, so I made a top 5 MUST-SEE locations in Constanta plus tips where you can eat well, what to do when you get into the city, so enjoy:

Summer confession

It’s summer that got me thinking about how much I love everything that is surrounding me: the places I go, the coffee I drink, the people I meet and just be gratefull for everything I have in this moment. For me, summer is magical, is more than just a lovely season…

The MINI Adventure

Nothing is better than a sweet trip to the mountains! Imagine yourself driving.. in front, see the blue sky and some delicious fluffy clouds. The road you are walking is like a sheet of paper which carries you on a serpentine path of a road. Your freind make you laugh with their jokes and there’s a summer song playing in the background, while through the open window of the car, the water is heard by a river flowing and the birds are singing without a pause. To the right and to the left of the road where you are going, you see more and more […]

Pofta de…o tzara de usturoi cu PIZZA HUT

I’m always full of surprises and that’s what makes me smile every single time when I’m doing something for the blog/vlog series! So are my projects, trust me! This time, me and my boyfriend, Alex, we’re challenged to do something funny together and create a story around our natal place we’re livin’. It’s a funny video, you must MUST must see it.
🙌🏻 PS: this can make you hungy.

The story behind Glamour Beauty Festival 2017

One of my favorite beauty events so far: Glamour Beauty Festival. I’m so happy that this kind of events exists and also, so gratefull that I was invited to be part of it, this time in a more active way than last year. See how it has, what happened and how everyone is partying in 📍Bucharest! PS: a long story is waiting for you, mwaaaaah!

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