Let it be Christmas


Descrierea romantica a lunii decembrie, cand magia este in aer si toate grijile dispar. Fiind ultima luna din an, iubesc sa ma bucur de fiecare moment, de la prima ninsoare, pana la decorarea apartamentului si alegerea servetelelor pentru masa de Craciun, momente care imi rapesc efectiv fiecare miuntel din timp si fac ca in cele din urma sa alerg prin magazine cautand cadoul potrivit pentru cei dragi. Sunt o perfectionista de felul meu si nu ma dau batuta pana nu gasesc acel cadou care ma convinge.

18 Things to do before 2018


As 2018 slowly starts approaching, there are so many things that race through my mind. Did I accomplish all of my 2017 goals? Did I finish my projects? More importantly, how much did I grow this year– emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially. While reflecting, I decided to share 18 things that I plan on doing before 2018 arrives:

RED Crush


The most worn color of season F/W 17, RED has become irreplaceable in the top of my preferences. I started with small steps, a T-shirt, a shirt, a jacket in the meantime, and I enjoyed greatly when I saw on the street more and more women wearing the classic red lipstick. The truth is that, from my perspective, red is a color that when I hear its name, instantly leads me to the word passion. A woman dressed in red suggests she is strong. Full of trust and attitude.



Bring back the 80s! We all know that fashion goes through cycles and everything always comes back in style, over and over. The stirrup pants have made to the fashion scene again. The popular 80s sportwear pants has been spotted on the runway at Balenciaga and now in the streets worn with high heels. Come and find out how I wear them:

Now you see me x Laura Baldini


A new beginning definitely starts with a new season. One thing is clear, tho: I’m not ready to drop my dresses, skirts and my 3 all time favorites shoes. At least, not yet. That’s why I found a really colorfull solution that will not just save me from season’s chilly temperatures, but also from my daily routine. Click and read ’cause I’m sharing this secret with you today:



Red is one of the colors that is really trending this season. For a fashion lover, trends are like homeworks in high school. To get good grades, you need to study hard. It is not a must to get inspired by every single trend and to wear every piece of clothing that models wear on the runway. Rather, and here is the really hard work, it’s to choose those items that fit you and to highlight you in the crowd, in exchange for the same basic jersey or the same jacket.

New Haircut


The best time for new beginnings is now. My journey starts again over and over, even if it’s a small step or a big one, even it’s a simple thing or a big life update. I wanna make everything count, not just the big events. So, here I am, doing something I’ve been afraid to do in my last 6 years of life: cutting my hair in a way I’ve always missed so much. Bangs. PS: it reminds me of myself when I was little and also of 12 grade, in highschool.

Discover ME


I’ve always considered myself a person that dreams with its eyes open. Widely open. The magic happens most of the time if I have the right music in the background. Without music, no beat, it’s hard for me to gather myself together. Either I can’t find my words or I’m not in the right mood, and each of these things prevents me from imagining, searching for ideas and translating them either online or on paper. Read more to discover an unseen part of me:

Dear September


One thing is sure: I love Autumn. I love Autumn for the color madness that floods me day by day. I love Autumn because it remembers my first day of scholl, the mornings my mother had to woke me up after a long summer. I love Autumn fot its freshness, but also because it wakes me up to reality. Dear September, here is what I am nostalgic for:

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