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I’ve always considered myself a person that dreams with its eyes open. Widely open. The magic happens most of the time if I have the right music in the background. Without music, no beat, it’s hard for me to gather myself together. Either I can’t find my words or I’m not in the right mood, and each of these things prevents me from imagining, searching for ideas and translating them either online or on paper. Read more to discover an unseen part of me:

Dear September

One thing is sure: I love Autumn. I love Autumn for the color madness that floods me day by day. I love Autumn because it remembers my first day of scholl, the mornings my mother had to woke me up after a long summer. I love Autumn fot its freshness, but also because it wakes me up to reality. Dear September, here is what I am nostalgic for:


Today, I want to have a more serious discussion and talk about services. Not all kinds of services, but exactly the type of service you expect to find when you go to London, for example, or in the States. I’m talking anout a smart service, which also exists in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest: PONY Car Sharing – the most advanced transport system. Find more:

Ingrijirea parului la mine acasa

Regardless of the changes my hair is supposed to, stress and everyday worries, one thing remains unchanged: my hair needs to remain healthy. There is no ‘I don’t know how to do it’, even if I have to admit that I’m not a hairstylist, but I’m happy I found the right products for my hair and I created my own routine to give my hair the attention it needs, at home.

Join my #INDIEteam at Glamour Street Fashion Show

Get ready for the most glamourous event of the year, Glamour Street Fashion Show. I’m so happy to announce you that this year, my 3rd year in a row, I’m gonna participate as an Ambasador of the event. That’s why I need your help, to join my #INDIEteam and win the prizes! Read the details and let’s get in this together:

4 Stylish Outfits to wear from DAY to NIGHT

Meet a new& cool project of mine called ‘4 STYLISH OUTFITS from DAY to NIGHT’. Most of the time, I’m posting outfits that I wear during the day, but this time, you will find looks to inspire you also for your evening/ night outfits, actually it’s a mix between daily wear and night wear, but the video included in the post will make everything clear for you. Click and watch& read everything, plus find out what SURPRISE I prepared for you:

MUST-HAVE item for summer+ GIVEAWAY

Think about the perfect summer day by the pool, by the sea or by the ocean. As a millenial gal, you already checked to have a badass swimsuit, a good tan lotion with SPF to protect the skin and a cool drink in your left hand. The right hand is busy scrolling on Instagram. Talking about Instagram and summer vacation, I just found out the item that can’t miss from your perfect picture! I’m referring to inflatable toys that will make everyone question from where you have it and if they can borrow it, haha. See what I’m talking about here:

About GalaUAD

Gala UAD, the 23rd edition. A notorious fashion event, that happens every year at Cluj-Napoca celebrating young talented students of University of Arts and Design from my city, Cluj-Napoca. I was invited at the event to enjoy their collections, to admire their creations and simply to delect myself with creativity. But more, you can read in this post:

FESTIVAL GUIDE: 5 Stylish Outfits, Make-up& Hairstyling Tips

Festivals are just around the corner! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that jumps around like crazy while listening music playing out loud in the background. Out loud, annoying all the neighbours, haha. Join me and find out 5 Stylish Festivals Outfits that will inspire you to dress like a queen to catch everyone’s attention at your favorite festival. Electric Castle, Neversea, Untold and many others, here we come:

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