Weekend Halloween Party

Friday, the 31st of October 
I jump out of bed, extremely excited, and run in the kitchen to prepare myself a coffee. While I enjoy it, I start searching on Pinterest for all kinds of ideas for Halloween decorations.
“This year, I want to do my homework”, I said to myself after I created the Halloween Ideas Board. I gathered all kind of recipes, DIY ideas, I even watched make up tutorials, but all this after I chose this year’s outfit theme. I even searched for some looks for my boyfriend, looks that would match the theme, of course. I hopelessly ran to show him what I found, thinking “I’m sure he’s not gonna like it”. The thing is that I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm from him, and to my surprise, he liked it. In fact, he loved it so much that he started to think what outfit could work with this make up theme. I have to admit I was extremely happy when I realized he liked it so much. I was literally jumping with happiness.

I take my iPad and I begin to write down ideas so I could make my Halloween shopping list. I dress up and leave the house in a hurry. I wandered around the city, walking from an end to the other to find the make up we needed, huge pumpkins, all kinds of small scary stuff and even a costume for our little girl Indie. There was no chance of her getting away without a costume on her first Halloween, but the chance of finding a doggy outfit in our city is pretty much zero. I am a little disappointed, and I think Alex is too, we really wanted to dress up our little girl. But, last minute, Alex comes with a really bright idea: “What if we try at H&M Kids?”. I already gave in to the thought that Indie will begin her Halloween night dressed with a drilled sheet, as a wanna be ghost. I didn’t have high hopes about finding something to fit her. As we enter the shop, we see only normal clothes for babies and kids, nothing special. At that moment I start feeling very disappointed, and I say to Alex: “Babe let’s go home, there is nothing to see here, we’re just wasting our time!”. Stubborn as he always is, he ignores me and goes straight to the babies’ section were he finds SUPERMAN pajamas. At that moment we say to each other “ That’s awesome, let’s take it!”

Satisfied with our shopping, we rush back home, excited to finally start decorating.
I put the pumpkin in the oven and, guided by its scent we start decorating. I glue scary bats everywhere, on the curtain, on the mirror, on the light switches…
Then, using his creativity, Alex managed to scare my with a ghost he made, which he “accessorized” with two gross spiders. He also wrapped all my chandeliers in webs and spiders to go with them. We lit some candles and played specific music. Werewolves were howling in the background as we were carving our pumpkins’ scary faces. We dared each other, wanting to see who would carve the most horrendous face, but truth is, both came out pretty damn scary. We poured ourselves a glass of wine and headed onto the next step: makeup.
We started with myself. Excited about what I was going to do, trying not to worry if it would come out as it should or not, I grabbed my inspirational photo and started working, This year I was going to be a#SUGARSKULL girl. I have always loved the Spanish Dia De Los Muertos and admired the details in photos, but now I was going to become one of them and so was my boyfriend.
I didn’t know what I got myself into, not how much time it would take for me to finalize this makeup, but as soon as I started I lost track of time. I was so excited about each step I was doing right, that I forgot about everything else. I even forgot to check the time to see how much it took me, but that was because of my excited boyfriend. It was his turn. I start by applying the white base and then I draw. “How is it? Is it done?” He keeps asking every two minutes. In the end he liked it so much even I was surprised!
We wasted no more time and started cleaning the place, waiting for our guests. We took the pumpkin out of the oven. arranged the dining table and quickly dressed Indie in SuperINDIE.
Until now it had been an amazing night, but the real Halloween was going to start only after our guests arrived. My friend Mel and her boyfriend came to scare us! We laughed and talked, thrilled by the scary song’s screams. We savored the sweet pumpkin as Indie was running around, startling us every time she’d run out from behind the table. We had the perfect company and decided to take the party to the city. We went to a few clubs, then walked around the city centre.
Saturday, the 1st of November 
Halloween was not going to end only because the night ended, no way. We couldn’t let all the preparations be in vain.
Are you still excited? I would party tonight too, if I wouldn’t have to wake up early tomorrow morning. But I decided I will do it, I will light candles in my pumpkins and I’ll eat pumpkin pie while watching the latest American Horror Story Freak Show episode.
We spent last night, the second Halloween night, being again in the perfect company of some dear friends. I have to admit, Didi and Andrei scared me a little. They called me to tell me they arrived, but ten minutes later there was still no sign of them. I was sure they were planning a prank. “I think they want to scare us”, I told Alex as I was looking for them on the window. And I was quite scared so I reached for my phone and called Didi: “What’s up? Are you lost?”. “We are still in the car”, was her reply. As I was trying to relax, I heard the intercom ring. It’s them so I buzz them in, then I run to the door and go in the hallway, trying to be one step ahead of them. I can hear their voices in the dark, but don’t go closer. “Surprise!” they yell and Didi pulls out a cute pumpkin, with a tiny bow. Well, it was not the prank I expected, but I had a feeling!
We warmed up with baked pumpkin and chatter, we watched videos with fails on the internet to have a good laugh before ending the night with a horror movie. We chose Carrie, but we ended up falling asleep one by one while watching it. It was more boring than scary, unfortunately.
Great Halloween weekend, right? I’ll leave you here, since I’m getting ready for another scary night with my lover and SuperINDIE!
translated by: wingsforliberty.com
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