Today’s topic: SELFLOVE


Why talking about self-love again? and again? I know the subject can get boring and repetitive sometimes, but it’s still something we’re all striving to achieve.

To be honest, I believe every experience is different, and mine won’t be better than others or more inspiring. It’s just another case you’ll able to had to the examples you already have. 

So first things first… How it began. Sincerely, teenage years can be hard, and that was the case for me. I was the skinniest kid in the class and I struggled a lot getting weight just to be normal, not underweight. Hearing a lot of ‘you’re skinny, shut up!’, ‘stick girl’ or the romanian versions ‘slabanoaga’, ‘scandura’ from everyone around me. Girls calling me lucky because I am skinny and guys laughing about me not having curves at that age. No ass, no boobs, I was literally like a boy. 

I wasn’t worried about how many calories I was consuming that time, but food was not a problem. I was and still am eating everything I want and never ever starve myself to stay in shape. I just simply have a fast metabolism. I tried a lot of diets, vitamins, supplements but nothing helped back there, so one day, I stopped fighting and do nothing. I started to focus my time into something productive and that’s how I discovered photography. 

But the journey wasn’t easy. Even now I struggle with being skinny, having insecurities, bad skin and others stupid shit that comes from society’s standards…

Now, let me share with you what helps me to love myself when I struggle:

  1. Complimenting myself
  2. Don’t seek people’s acceptance
  3. Enjoying my own company- coffee, dinner, walking alone- you name it, I’ve done it all! 
  4. Staying calm.

Remember, always take care of yourself, mind, body and soul.

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