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Winter Wonderland -march edition-


It’s winter in the middle of March… A surprise that caught me totally unexpectedly! I was so ready to give up the fur jackets, the hats and the cold every morning that I had in the last four months. With March in a total of 5 months, although last week almost fool me with almost 17 degrees. I know, I know, I’m too anxious for the beautiful weather to come, to see the sun every day and to run the morning. Stay with me, bare with me a little more…

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s ❤️ Love Day ❤️ and all around me there are floating hearts, roses and everyone is in a magic vibe. Love is like a cloud. Love is like a dream. Love is 1 word& everything in between. Will you be my Valentine? Whether we’re talking about the love we feel for the person we consider to be our half, for ourselves or for the family, I have to admit that I like to see how everyone shares love.

New Haircut


The best time for new beginnings is now. My journey starts again over and over, even if it’s a small step or a big one, even it’s a simple thing or a big life update. I wanna make everything count, not just the big events. So, here I am, doing something I’ve been afraid to do in my last 6 years of life: cutting my hair in a way I’ve always missed so much. Bangs. PS: it reminds me of myself when I was little and also of 12 grade, in highschool.

Ski time


The most satisfying moment after you drop the work mode off is to take your mind from it. Sometimes I go for a long bath full of bubbles, sometimes I go for shopping, but this time, I went for a day on the mountain. Ski day, it was a blast!



Lately, I let myself loosed into creativity. I dived with my dreams and take a break from blogging. I just wanted to let everything breathe: my ideas, my content and last but not least, myself. And in all this time, I miss writing& sharing my thoughts with you and this makes me feel more alive than ever!

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