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Schimbare de look- Extensiile MAGO HAIR


I found myself caught in the situation of loving both long and short hair! As I wore my hair short in the past years, I missed having my hair long again. That untill I found the perfect sollution to my situation: the hair extensions and not any hair extensions, but ones healthy for my own hair and still easy to wear all around. Let me introduce you MAGO Hair Extensions:

My latest beauty obsessions


I’m always looking for new products with whom to do good long-term work. I’m searching for a perfect relationship between me and the products I use, that means I’m pretentious with their formulas and I like to test them until my expectations are confirmed. Today I have prepared a review of the products I’ve tested in the last few weeks that have conquered me. Illuminators, glosses, foundations, skin masks, and hair care products in a new formula. And the cherry on top is wrapped in a charming smell. Keep scrolling:

3 Chic Hairstyles on Hat Hair


Winter season is so much fun! Hats are also, that’s a thing! Who ever said that hats are boring, definitely didn’t knew how to wear them. Even it’s a fedora hat or the captain style one, that btw, it’s soo TRENDY right now, or hmmm… even the classic boyish cap, trust me, you can shine throughout the day if you know to style a little your hair for the hat you’re wearing. Watch me styling my hair in 3 different ways with 3 different hats. Tips& tricks included:



Christmas and NYE’s parties are just around the corner. In line to check the latest details to your glam& festive look for the holidays, I’ve came out with a step-by-step tutorial. It’s a full festive makeup with a twist. Feminine, yet sophisticated. Come and descover it now:



From time to time I feel the need to make a change at my look. Sometimes it’s the makeup I’m changing and sometimes it’s my hair that says everything for me. This time, I choose to share with you not only my tips and tricks in this case, but also 3 different hairstyles I use to wear when I’m in the mood to something new. I even styled them and showed you my secret weapon. Read the article, watch the video and findout how easy can be to change your look:

The BEST BEST FRIENDS Game ft Estee Lauder


The perfect timing for a new challenge! This time, Estee Lauder, one of my favorite brands when it comes for beauty products, came out with a lovely proposal. The twist is that it’s more than a challenge, it’s a story that I’ve made together with my bestie. And it was so so much fun doing this and competing for the most wanted product from Estee Lauder, Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation. Click and watch me having fun and see if I win at The Best Best Friends Game:

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