meet (again) INDIE the pompom


INDIE the pompom

So, here we meet again! I’m so happy to (re)introduce you my pretty little baby girl, INDIE. She’s already 1 and almost 3 months years old and she’s the most gorgeous pet ever! Literally, I mean it. She’s everything I ever wanted for a dog. There are many reasons why I love INDIE, starting with the massive amounts of unconditional love my dog has for me. In fact, unconditional love is a key word in every relationship, whether it involves your partner or your pet. I am the first to tell people that life is better with a dog to come home to. Especially on those days when you’re pretty sure you’re having a bad day and everything isn’t going the way you’re expecting. Or when it’s raining and your shoes are ruined. You just come home and see your fluffy fellow jumping all around you. That dog will listen to you (unless your partner is baking a chicken in the next room).

With her big brown eyes and constant need for cuddles and kisses, INDIE makes every maternal fibre of my being swell. Every time I look at her – or even a picture of her – my heart fills with immeasurable love, all-encompassing feelings of intense love and responsibility that a mother has towards her child. (yes, I said it, INDIE it’s like a child to me).

But INDIE is not my daughter. She is a (way to hiperactive) pomeranian, my little birthday gift from when I turned 22 yo (that was… last year, yes!). I saw her growing and I can see this even now. She’s always surprising me with her inteligence and her abilities to understand what I speak to her.

Sometimes I come home and find her waltzing around the apartment with my underwear around her neck. Underwear, shoes, socks, you can’t even imagine such a scene. She does the most ridiculous little dance when I tell her it’s time for a treat and especially when I come home. She’s the first one that wake-up in the morning and start jumping around me, but what she loves more is to jump with her noisy gummy ball in bed, while I’m still sleeping. But, I got used to that. And she’s always biting my legs and toes when I have to leave and let her alone.

She has taught me more about being human than actual humans. People tell me she’s “just a dog”, but I’ve experienced more empathy, more kindness, more compassion from this four-legger than I have from most two-leggers. Hers zeal for life is contagious. And for a young dog she seems incredibly wise.

Life would be so lame without her.









For everyone who’s “in love” with a furry, four-legged canine, let’s take a moment to reflect on why we’re so crazy about them.Δ They eat in world record speed.

Δ They follow you around like a puppy… oh wait!

Δ When they sleep, they sleep so soundly.

Δ They’re motivation to exercise.

Δ They love their squeky toys, even if you don’t.

Δ They ‘help’ with the dishes.

Δ They’re always in the mood to cuddle.

Δ They never complain about your cooking.

Δ They spin in circles when they’re excited.

Δ They look at themselves in the mirrors. That’s so funny everytime.

Δ They eat your socks.

Δ They loves you unconditionally. -And this is the most important thing between you and your pet friend. Trust me.

So now, I’m not gonna transform this post into something a little bit weird, just because I really love my dog (and I know she loves me too as much as I do), and trying to stop just here. I’m pretty sure I have tons of words to describe my love for INDIE, but I think it’s better to keep it to myself and let it be something special between me and her.

I’m curious if you have a dog or (maybe) you wish for one. Or just another pet? Maybe a kitten or a hamster? Or, how about a little tiny turtle? Tiny turtles are cute! Let me know if you have a buddy around you and tell me a funny story about it! I will be super glad to read it!

And PS: if you’re having a baby BOY pomeranian, just let me know! Hahaha, I’m trying to find my little girl a lover.

PS2: Did you noticed INDIE’s hairstyle? She’s adorable! But mine? I’ve got shorter last week! Kisses, M




9 Responses
  • iguanitza
    May 14, 2015

    Iiiiii ce dragutele sunteti <3 si cum ai tuns-o pe dragalasa 😀
    Asa e, animalele ne invata sa fim mai oameni decat ne invata oricine. Parca te linistesc animalutele.
    Catelusa mea a disparut dupa 7 ani, nu am mai gasit-o…in septembrie se face un an.
    In Cluj am o pisicuta tare dragalasa si cu atitudine :)) Cateii sunt parca dependenti, pe cand pisicile parca n-au nicio treaba cu tine…decat cand le este foame hi hi

    Kisses, pretty!

    • Madalina Merca
      May 14, 2015

      Heeei dear! Multumim frumos <3 Am tuns-o pentru ca a avut ceva problemute de piele si din pacate, i-a cazut cam prea multa blanita si nu imi placea sa o vad cu parul scurt, asa ca am dus-o sa o tunda scurt scurt si sa ii lase guler. E super dragalasa si ii sta atat de bine!
      Sa stii, ca te urmaresc pe Instagram si in ultima vreme, tot mai des te vad in poze cu pisicuta! Imi place de voi! Cat despre catelusa ta, imi pare rau 🙁 incearca sa umpli golul lasat de disparitia ei, cu afectiunea neconditionata a pisicii!
      Te pup <3

  • Iulia B.
    May 14, 2015

    ti-am vazut si freza pe FB de cand ti-ai facut-o, si catelusa in alte poze pe FB.
    eu am avut doi motanei, pe unul mi l-a rapit o pisica si celalalt a plecat de acasa in noapte de revelion. 🙁 am renuntat la pisici.
    dar am 3 catei: un ciobanesc carpatin, un metis de labrador si un bischon 🙂
    ii mai postez si eu pe FB si pe blog…
    imi sunt atat de dragi…as face orice pentru ei
    eu stau la casa si ii mai las sa iasa din curte si mai ajung prin gradinile oamenilor…si ma cearta ca de ce-i las dezlegati. si ajung sa ma cert eu cu ei ca nu-si ingradesc proprietatile… de unde sa stie cainii mei ca nu e voie acolo unde e liber si nu-i inchis? :))
    cand era ciobanescul mic, de o luna, dormea cu motanul intr-o lada de plastic…ala era locul lor preferat! si mi-au mancat o pereche de pantofi de piele…ca i-am lasat afara, pe scari :))
    viata mea fara ei ar fi ultra-trista!

    • Madalina Merca
      May 14, 2015

      Nu m-am putut abtine sa nu umplu de poze peste tot :)))
      Nasol ce ai patit cu motaneii, chiar nu as vrea sa fi fost in locul tau… Dar cred ca acum cum ai 3 catei, nu te mai gandesti la ei. De fapt, nu mai ai timp sa o faci :)) la cate iti dau de lucru, toata ziua ai de fugit dupa ei.

      • Iulia B.
        May 15, 2015

        Si eu am poze peste tot cu echipa mea de catei! 😀 deci stiu cum e sa ii iubesti atat de mult…incat sa nu mai poti de dragul lor! Inca ma mai gandesc la motanul care a pecat de Revelion…dar asta e! Trecem peste!

      • Madalina Merca
        May 15, 2015

        Ohh 🙁 nu te mai gandi la el!

  • Mada Udrea
    May 19, 2015

    Hey, de unde e rochita??
    p.s. Indie e o scumpica! kisses! :*

    • Madalina Merca
      May 20, 2015

      O am de vara trecuta, nu mai retin de unde am luat-o, insa am vazut ca sezonul acesta toate magazinele din mall au lucruri asemanatoare, H&M, Stradivarius, Bsk, Poema… Poti incerca! te pup si multumim <3

  • Julia Hasch
    May 21, 2015

    Atat de mult imi plac pozele! Si eu am un bichon, insa e acasa.. Imi e atat de dor de el si cand vad pozele acestea cu tine si Indie parca tot mai mult mi-as dori sa il am pe al meu cu mine in Cluj.. Abia astept sa imi vad si eu zilnic, sufletelul micut care ma iubeste neconditionat!

    Julia |

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