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Today is Thursday, the least busy day for me, that’s why I added “shopping for our home” on my to do list. I’m not sure what I want yet, new towels or maybe a new set of chic golden cups. Maybe even some new floral print sheets, to make me feel spring is closer than it really is. I never go out with a clear image of what I want to buy in mind, I usually buy on the spur of the moment. Last time I went out I came home with three new vases: a purple one, a red one and a green one. I don’t regret it, they are incredibly beautiful and I would make the same choice again without hesitation. I would redecorate my apartment each season if I could, believe me! 
I’ve had “issues” with redecorating since I was a little girl. I remember waking up Saturday morning and moving my furniture around, changing the sheets so they would match my seven tiny pillows, hanging all kinds of paintings on the walls and arranging my shoes on shelves, next to perfumes and books. 
Since I moved out, I grew up from this point of view a little, I quit moving the furniture around all the time. The only one that’s still changing its place sometimes is my bed, but that’s because the wardrobe became too full and heavy. I love buying decorations and colorful or simple drapes, depending on my mood. I also love enlarging my fluffy pillows and blankets collection, so I can’t wait to see what I’ll find today. 
On the same list I wrote “be natural”, because today I’m planning to wear simple clothes and little to no makeup. I want to be able to wear something simple and effortless. 
The outfit I’m showing you today fits in the simple category also. It’s all white and I hope it’s inspiring you, too. I recommend you to be playful when creating an outfit, yet effortless. Leave the “too much” out of it and use your imagination. Rather than combining contrasting colors, do so with similar, almost ton sur ton ones: white with white, white with beige, white with baby pink and so on… 
I followed my own advice: white with white – the shirt and leather pants. Added a little bit of beige with my boots and brown with the fur vest that kept me warm. I accessorized with a textured leather purse and a hat, the MUST HAVE autumn accessories, in my opinion. 
A simple and chic autumn outfit! 
PS: The wonderful “I WORD FOR DIAMONDS” shirt is a memory from our Maramures trip. I like the cheeky, attention grabbing message. You can find it here:
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