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30th October - #INDIECHASE

30th October

[en]: Today I woke up more impatient than ever, with an intense craving to start blogging. I woke up wanting to write confessions and silly stories about my everyday life. I have a very busy day ahead of me, but that is the last thing on my mind. 
Still sleepy, I start convincing myself to get out of bed. I’m thinking about what story to share, while shifting and turning. As I was daydreaming, I remember that I need a tiny notebook I had left on my nightstand. I reach for it but there is no notebook waiting for me on the nightstand, neither hidden between my sheets. I can’t find it, so I silently reach for my phone to check the time. It’s 7:24 a.m. and I can’t sleep! Indie, my puppy, noticed I woke up and runs like there’s no tomorrow in my arms. “There’s no chance I’m going back to sleep”, I say to myself as I was thinking about what to wear. I pull on a pair of sweatpants and one of my boyfriend’s blouses and head out with Indie. Outside I’m hit on all fronts: wind, cold and fog. “You’d better hurry, Indie, we have a lot of work to do” I told my dog and then we ran back home. The warm sheets, fluffy pillows and my lover’s strong arms are waiting for me… but not today! I have a big day ahead. 
I will be walking out of the bedroom silently, but not before I kiss his forehead and carefully tuck him in. Him, my man. I head to the kitchen, brew myself a coffee, grab a magazine and sprawl on the living room couch. I had a weird feeling as I turned on my laptop. I felt nervous for some reason, maybe it was the coffee. I try to start typing, but I’m quite in a writer’s block. I don’t know what to begin with, so I take a sip from my coffee. 
Today it’s Thursday, the 30th of October. I have to attend courses, then a big event in the evening, Hotspot Fashion, followed by a Halloween themed afterparty. I can only think about what I am going to wear. “What?!” Truth is right now I am so comfortable in my bath gown and my fluffy shoes that I almost forget about my initial issue. Wait! I figured out how I’m going to dress for University, something comfortable and white… I’ll think about the other two outfits during class. Hah, my worries drifted away. “I tricked you, Mr Stress!” I exclaim in my head. I would’ve done it out loud, but someone’s sleeping in the other room.
I’m excited about today. This week started badly, so I’m hoping today will be a good day! I hope things will go smoothly, the events will be a success and finally, I hope we’ll have nice weather. I want it to be one of those days in which after it’s over, you go to bed smiling.For that to happen, I won’t let anything bring me down or upset me. Teachers, people who bump into me on the street, runny makeup, none of the above will ruin my mood today.Not even the rain! I will try to enjoy everything, even the cold rain and all the mud that comes with it. I’m full of energy today and I won’t let anything change that.
After typing frantically for a while, I run back to the kitchen. An orange ginger fresh and a chicken avocado sandwich won’t just appear by themselves. I won’t be lazy today! I hope you’ll have a beautiful day. 
Kisses, M


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[ro]: Azi, mai nerabdatoare decat in orice alta dimineata din ultima vreme, m-a trezit o pofta nemernica de stat pe blog… M-am trezit cu o pofta de scris, de facut confesiuni si de a povesti nimicurile din viata mea de zi cu zi… Ma asteapta o zi nebuna de incarcata azi, insa e ultimul lucru deranjant in momentul acesta.
Inca somnoroasa, visand inca cu ochii deschisi, imi fac curaj sa ma dau jos din pat. Ma fatai de pe o parte pe cealalta, gandindu-ma cu ce sa incep a va povesti, simtind in acelasi timp nevoia unui carnetel uitat intentionat pe noptiera din dreapta mea. Insa nu e niciun carnetel care sa astepte entuziasmat mazgalelile mele. Incep sa caut sub perna… Nu am niciun carnetel ascuns printre cearceafuri, dar am telefonul. Asa ca il scot incet, in cea mai mare liniste pe care mi-am putut-o imaginata vreodata si verific ora. Este 7:24 si eu nu am somn! Indie, catelusa mea, a observat ca m-am trezit si cu viteza ei de iepuras zglobiu imi sare in brate! ‘Nu mai am scapare!’ mi-am zis si in minte imi programez tinuta de iesit afara. Imi iau pantalonii de trening, o bluza de-a prietenului meu si o scot pe Indie afara. Sunt lovita din toate partile: ceata, frig si mai mult frig… ‘Indie, ar fi bine sa te grabesti in dimineata asta! Avem treaba!’, i-am zis si am fugit rapid inapoi in casa! Cearceafurile calde, pernele pufoase si bratele iubitului meu ma asteptau… dar nu in dimineata asta! Azi, ma asteapta o zi lunga.
Inchid usa dormitorului incet-incet, dar asta nu inainte sa-l sarut pe frunte si sa il acopar grijului. Pe el, prietenul meu. Ma indrept spre bucatarie, imi fac o cafea cu lapte, imi iau o revista in mana, papucii de casa pufosi in picioare si ma mut pe canapea in living. Parca de data aceasta am deschis laptopul sfios, parca m-a trecut un sentiment ciudat inainte de a incepe. Aveam emotii, iar asta nu stiu daca a fost din cauza cafelei sau habar nu am. Iar acum incep… Dar mi-e atat de greu sa incep, incat nu stiu cu ce ar trebui inceput inceputul in aceasta dimineata, asa ca mai sorb o gura de cafea. Si inca una…
E 30 octombrie azi, e joi. Am ore la facultate, un eveniment nebun dupa masa, Hotspot Fashion, si un afterparty tematic-Halloween dupa eveniment. Iar gandul mi-e doar la ‘Cum ma imbrac eu azi?! Cu ce?!’ Adevarul e ca momentan nu stiu, sunt atat de comoda in halatul de baie, iar papuceii pufosi imi completeaza starea de bine, incat concentrarea mea asupra tinutelor pe azi s-a dus pe apa sambetei. Stai! Nu e asa! Stiu cum ma imbrac la facultate, macar. Ceva comod si alb… Iar pe restul le voi gandi in timp ce stau la ore! Hahah, mi-am indepartat grijile! ‘Te-am pacalit eu pe tine, stresule!’-exclam in sinea mea, as fi facut-o cu voce tare, dar cineva dormea in camera cealalta.
Sunt entuziasmata pe azi, ma astept ca dupa inceputul de saptamana care a mers ingrozitor de prost, azi sa fie ziua mea buna! Sa mearga lucrurile struna, sa decurga evenimentele impecabil si sa fie vreme frumoasa! Vreau sa se termine gratios ziua, sa ajung acasa, sa ma arunc in pat zambind.
Iar pentru ca toate sa mearga pe cum ma astept, azi imi propun ca absolut nimic sa nu ma supere: nici macar profii la facultate, nici macar oamenii impiedicati pe strada care se lovesc tot timpul de mine pentru ca nu stiu sa caste ochii cand umbla, nici macar machiajul care nu-mi va rezista intreaga zi! Nici macar daca va ploua! O sa ma bucur si de ploaia urata si mizeria care vine deodata cu ea. Azi sunt plina de energie si nimeni si nimic nu va schimba aura pozitiva ce mi-am pus-o deasupra capului cand m-am spalat pe fata de dimineata.
Acum ca am petrecut o vreme epuizandu-mi bateria laptopului, butonand de zori, iar asta la propriu, fug rapid spre bucatarie din nou. Un fresh de portocale si ghimbir alaturi de un sandwich cu pui si avocado nu va aparea pur si simplu din senin! Azi, trebuie sa fiu harnica! O zi frumoasa tuturor.
V-am pupat,

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